6th Symposium on Integrable Systems

6th Symposium on Integrable Systems  was organized by University of Bialystok (Faculty of Physics, Department of Nonlinear Physics) in Białystok, from June 27 to June 28, 2013.

The conference gathered 32 researchers, mainly from Poland and neighbouring countries (Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine), Polish scientists working abroad (Canada, Sweden) and other foreign guests (France, USA).

Topics of the symposium included:

  • classical and quantum integrable systems
  • geometry of integrable systems
  • geometric quantization
  • Darboux transformations
  • Lie symmetries
  • dynamical systems of classical mechanics
  • geometric numerical integration
  • integrable discretizations
  • cellular automata

Organization: Jan L. Cieśliński.

Financial support: National Science Center (NCN) grant 2011/01/B/ST1/05137, University of Białystok (Faculty of Physics, Department of Nonlinear Physics).

This conference continued a series of meetings of Polish researchers working in area of integrable systems. Previous conferences were held in Gdańsk 2007, Poznań 2009, Warsaw 2010, Zielona Góra 2011 and Olsztyn 2012 (http://wmii.uwm.edu.pl/~doliwa/IntegrableSystems2012.html).

List of participants