Physics 2000 Introduction

What is Physics-2000?

Interactive Demos

Physics 2000 relies heavily on the use of interactive "applets" like the one to the left. These are different from the typical animations you see on the Internet because you can actually interact with them. Try clicking on the blue ball (representing a negative charge) and dragging it around to see how it affects the nearby water molecule.

Favorite Applets

"What browser should I use?"

Physics 2000 works best on these browsers:

Macintosh Windows
Internet Explorer 4.5 with Apple's MRJ 2.1 Netscape Navigator 4.7

Pedagogical principles of the Physics 2000 website

System Requirements and Troubleshooting


Produced by Grants from the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and the National Science Foundation
Conceived and Directed by Professor Martin V. Goldman, University of Colorado, Boulder
Technical Director: David Rea
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CGI/Perl Scripting: Michael Ruder
Assessment: Gabriela Weaver, Michael Ruder
High School Physics Consultant: Michael Fuchs

Using Cartoon Characters to Advance Physics Explanations

From left to right:

Dr. Bob Hellman An "intuitive" physicist who explains physics concepts qualitatively, without equations or technical jargon.
Professor Lee A professor of engineering who explains how devices such as CAT scans, x-ray machines, and microwaves work.
Professor T.K. Mahan A physics professor who derives and explains quantitative relationships involving algebra, but not calculus (for which a different character will be introduced later).
Alex Morales A teen-aged student
Kyla Harrison A teen-aged student