The project Statics and dynamics of magnonic and magnetophotonic crystals – SYMPHONY is realized under the cooperation of Faculty of Physics, University in Białystok (UwB), and the Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (IPPAS) from May 1st, 2012 till June 30th 2015 in the frame of the TEAM programme run by the Foundation for Polish Science. The scope of this project covers samples fabrication, intentional modification of as-grown samples structure and comprehensive investigations of their static and dynamic magnetic properties.

The samples studied in this project will be fabricated at IPPAS by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and investigated by numerous in-situ techniques. Their layered structure will be modified by an ion beam also available in this system. Local and periodical modifications by an ion beam will be performed ex-situ with the use of masks or a focused ion beam (FIB).

Magnetic, optical, magnetooptical and structural properties will be studied using combined experimental techniques available in UwB and in cooperation with foreign laboratories. Magnonic and magnetophotonic materials will be investigated in UwB using mainly magnetooptical methods and also recently launched unique measurement methods based on:

  1. femtosecond light sources enabling e.g. magneto-optical spectroscopy, excitation and analysis of ultrafast magnetization processes or second harmonic generation studies
  2. Brillouin Light Scattering BLS spectrometers with temporal and spatial resolution enabling detection of spin waves both thermal and excited by and microwave pulses.

Obtained results are planned to be simulated by numerical methods.