Master’s thesis supervisor:

  • 2022 – Jan Łuczyński: “Analysis of the role of iron in Parkinson’s disease using spectroscopic and imaging methods”,
  • 2022 – Natalia Pytel: “Investigation of the role of structural disorder in cathode materials using X-ray absorption spectroscopy”.

Bachelor’s thesis supervisor:

  • 2023 – Przemysław Bańkowski: “Development of fusion energy in the world” – awarded thesis,
  • 2023 – Mateusz Orzełowski: “The use of Mossbauer spectroscopy in medicine”,
  • 2017 – Amadeo Toledo Amor: „Implementation and Development of a Fluid Cell at CLAESS beamline for Biological Fluids Characterization. Preliminary studies.” – in cooperation with Synchrotron Alba (Spain) and Universita Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain).

Reviewer of master’s theses:

  • 2023 – Paweł Tołoczko: “Investigations of the structural properties of selected nanosystems as a function of temperature”,
  • 2022 – Karolina Sidorczuk: “Visualization of the dynamics of structural order in spinel ferrites”,
  • 2021 – Paweł Butkiewicz: “Determination of the components of hyperfine interaction tensors in Mössbauer spectroscopy”,
  • 2021 – Agnieszka Krzystyniak: “Study of the structural properties of magnetite nanoparticles doped with Mn, Co, Ni and Cu ions”

Reviewer of bachelor’s theses:

  • 2023 – Kinga Szarkowska: “Structural phase transitions in high entropy alloys (HEA)”,
  • 2023 – Oliwia Chmielewska: “Nanoparticles in magnetic hyperthermia – applications and prospects”,
  • 2013 – Katarzyna Kaluta: “The physical principles of electrocardiography”
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