More than a dozen research projects in Bialystok from the late seventies to the nineties - PR-3, CPBP, CPBR, NSC, MNiSW. More than a dozen grants apparatus, three grants supervised projects.

ZFM took part in the activities of the network:

International Projects

  • „Detection of Plasma Clusters with Thin Magnetic Films - Technical Feasibility Study” project funded by the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development;
  • „Magnetic Properties of Novel Ultrathin Films” - project funded by the European Union (Human Capital Mobility);
  • „Nanomagnetism and Growth Processes on Vicinal Surfaces” NANOMAG - ESF Scientific Programme project;
  • bilateral agreement with Germany DAAD-MNiSW (2009-2010) „Ion-induced spin-reorientation-transition in thin Pt/Co/Pt trilayers”.