Kriostat pracujący w obiegu zamkniętym do badań magnetooptycznych

Closed-cycle, cryo-free cryostat DE-204 PF Advanced Research System, Inc, USA, for magnetooptical-Kerr-microscopy-investigation of spatial distribution of magnetization.

  • Four quartz windows for visible optical range;
  • Ultra-low vibration level at sample (5 nm at 2.4 Hz);
  • Temperature range 10 – 350 K;
  • Computer-controlled system for 3D-positioning of the cryostat in respect to an optical axis (the range of shift in each direction – 15 mm).

Closed-cycle, cryo-free cryostat CFSM7T-1.5 OXFORD INSTRUMENTS PLC for magnetooptical investigation of ultra-fast magnetization processes in low temperatures and high magnetic field.

  • Four quartz windows for visible optical range;
  • Superconducting magnetic coils 7T@1.5K
  • Temperature range 1.5 – 350 K.