Spektrometr rezonansu ferromagnetycznego

FMR lines for Co/YIG:Co heterostructure measured at θH = 65° and ϕH = 0° of the external magnetic field H. (from Andrzej Stupakiewicz, Materials Science: „Magnetic Materials”,edited by Khan Maaz, ISBN 978-953-51-2428-3, 2016)


A high – sensitivity ferromagnetic resonance spectrometer at a microwave frequency of 9.5 GHz and room temperatures with computerized data collection systems. The FMR spectra are investigated as a function of the orientation of the applied dc field. Study of magnetic anisotropy in thin and super thin magnetic samples.

Contact person: Dr hab. Ryszard Gieniusz, E-mail:gieniusz@uwb.edu.pl
Keywords: Ferromagnetic resonance, magnetic anisotropy, magnetic films.