Układ generacji pola magnetycznego 3D do badań magnetooptycznych

  • 8 water cooled magnetic poles generate magnetic field in the whole 3D space,
  • maximal value of the magnetic field H~0.3-0.53 T, depending on the magnetic field H orientation in the space (described by θ ad φ angles),
  • good homogeneity of the magnetic field,
  • possibility of the sample movement in the x, y , and z directions,
  • hysteresis loops study PMOKE and LMOKE configurations,
  • possibility of the sample scan- “maps” of the hysteresis loops and magnetooptical and magnetic parameters,
  • laser beam spot size down to ~50 µm,

Distribution of the magnetic field in the 3D space


Red arrows indicate localizations of the magnetic poles in the 3D space