Magnetometry bazujące na optycznych mikroskopach polaryzacyjnych

Laboratory is equipped with self-constructed optical systems and Spinlab UwB SPINLAB supported bought microscope system.

  1. Carl Zeiss Jenapol optical polarizing Kerr microscope
  2. special electro-magnets (out-of-plane or in-plane, static and pulse magnetic field),
  3. Carl Zeiss Xe and halogen lamps;
  4. high sensitivity 12-bit MicroMax CCD camera.

Study of statics and dynamics of domain structure (mainly in nanostructures) is possible by the structure imaging with both perpendicular and in-plane magnetization components. Specialized image processing techniques and LabView software for control and data analysis were developed.

Spinlab UwBSPINLAB supported system

  • High-end wide-field polarization microscope (Zeiss optics)
  • Rotatable electromagnet for H|| up to 10 kOe
  • Electromagnet for H up to 10 kOe
  • High-resolution and sensitive Digital CCD camera
  • Video microscopy (contrast enhancement by real-time difference imaging, movies of magnetization processes)
  • Simultaneous measurement of local M(H)-curves and recording of underlying domain processes

Contact person: Dr. hab. Maria Tekielak,
Keywords: magneto-optical Kerr effect, magnetic domain structure, static and dynamics magnetic domain wall