Magnetooptyczne laboratorium bazujące na laserach femtosekundowych

The Laboratory is equipped with two femtosecond lasers systems (one with light amplifier has been recently installed with Spinlab UwB SPINLAB support).

Our results of light modification of magnetic films

Our results in non-linear magnetooptics


Spectra-Physics: Amplifier Spitfire Ace (5mJ, 35fs, 800nm, 1kHz) ; Optical Parametric Amplifier (Topas, 290nm-2600 nm);
MaiTai SP (20fs, 0.6W, 780-820nm); MaiTai HP (80fs, 3W, 690-1040 nm, 80MHz)


  • Magneto-optical spectroscopy
  • Magnetization induced SHG
  • Static and dynamics of domain structure
  • Magnetic anisotropy and phase transition
  • Light-induced magnetic effects


  • Ultrathin metalic films
  • Nanopatterned structures
  • YIG:Co exchange-coupled structured
  • Light-sensitivity semicondutors

Contact person: Dr hab. Andrzej Stupakiewicz,
Keywords: femtosecond laser, ultra-fast dynamics, second harmonics generation, magneto-optical Kerr effect