Magnetooptyczny magnetometr Kerra o wysokiej czułości

High Sensitivity Magneto-Optical Kerr Magnetometer equipped with special electro-magnets system (perpendicular to the plane sample up to 20kOe and in-plane up to 4kOe magnetic field), Coherent Ar (Innova 300), dye (599-2) and red-diode lasers, optical cryostat (10-350K), photo-elastic modulator (s,p-polarization, rotation and ellipticity polar, longitudinal, transverse Kerr effects, linear and circular dichroism). Study of static and dynamics magnetization reversal processes and vector magnetization analysis in ultrathin multilayer magnetic films with specialized LabView software for control magnetometer and data analysis.

Contact person: Dr hab. Andrzej Stupakiewicz,
Keywords: magneto-optical Kerr effect, magnetization reversal processes, photomagnetic effects, magneto-optical spectroscopy, linear and circular dichroism