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Scanning Probe Microscope is equipped with electro-magnets system (either in-plane magnetic field up to 0.2T or perpendicular field up to 0.1T), cold finger system (110K-450K), vacuum chamber (10-6 Torr), vibration isolation system and videomicroscope with manual continuous zoom. Study of surface topography as well as magnetic, electrical and electrochemical properties is possible. Force and voltage lithography is available. Measurements can be done in both high vacuum and in air (contact AFM, LFM, Resonant Mode (semicontact + noncontact AFM), Phase Imaging, Force Modulation (viscoelastisity), MFM, EFM, Adhesion Force Imaging, AFM Litography-Force, Spreading Resistance Imaging („conductive” AFM), AFM Litography-Voltage, Scanning Capacitance Imaging, Scanning Kelvin Microscopy) as well as in a liquid (contact AFM, LFM, Adhesion Force, Force Modulation (viscoelastisity), Resonant Mode (semicontact AFM), Phase Imaging, AFM Litography-Force).

Contact person: Contact person: mgr Piotr Mazalski,
Keywords: scanning probe microscopy, atomic force microscopy, magnetic force microscopy