Modeling quantum aspects of disruption of a white dwarf star by a black hole

Seminarium wydziałowe

Dnia 2019-10-29 o godzinie 12:15 w sali 2011 Wydziału Fizyki UwB odbędzie się wykład, na którym prof. dr hab. Mirosław Brewczyk (Katedra Astrofizyki i Fizyki Teoretycznej Wydział Fizyki UwB)wygłosi wykład pt:

„Modeling quantum aspects of disruption of a white dwarf star by a black hole”

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Jerzy Przeszowski

We study the final stages of the evolution of a binary system consisted of a black hole and a white dwarf star. As a model of a white dwarf star we consider a zero temperature droplet of attractively interacting degenerate atomic bosons and spin-polarized atomic fermions. Such mixtures are investigated experimentally nowadays. We find that the white dwarf star is stripped off its mass while passing the periastron. A charged mass, falling onto a black hole, could be responsible for recently discovered ultraluminous X-ray bursts. The binary system ends its life in a spectacular way, revealing quantum features underlying the white dwarf star’s structure. Due to nonlinear effects, the accretion disc originated from the white dwarf becomes fragmented
and the onset of a quantum turbulence with giant quantized vortices present in the bosonic accretion disc is observed.