Międzynarodowe Studenckie Praktyki

Today we have amazing career starting opportunity for Science & Technology students!

Here is some information about the tasks the students would be undertaking with their mentor:

  • Research and develop mathematical models of a physical process, drawing on published literature where appropriate and deriving new models where necessary 
  • Critically evaluate approaches and understand their assumptions to determine the best choice Implement models numerically, using either existing tools or writing bespoke models 
  • Validate against published data or experimental results as appropriate
  • Apply in-house optimisation and sensitivity analysis toolkit to the model
  • Use in-house HPC (High Performance Computing), if necessary, to understand the model behaviour and draw useful insight from the results. 

The students will apply a combination of maths, science, and computing to real world simulation challenges to accelerate the development of engineering processes and design. Day to day they will be developing and running simulations, using either first principles or existing tools, and deriving useful insights. The exact project(s) that you will be working on will depend on the business needs at the time of the placement.

System Engineering Internship

At ESPA we aim to make the transition to come to a foreign country as easy and stress free as possible, especially in the current circumstances, so we always find the housing for the students and it will be paid for by the host company. 

There are no fees for students or universities to use our services.